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About Us

Known for being one of the country's first true "craft" vendors, Hingham Hill (aka "upStomp") started mixing complex and critically acclaimed e-liquids in 2010. At the time, there was an absence of true artisanal e-liquid available, with most vendors supplying the simplest of flavors with no consideration for the complexities that could interest more advanced palates. Eventually a partnership was formed with LJ's E-Smokes in Florida, after which the growth of both companies was steady for the next 3 years. Now Hingham Hill is offering direct wholesale opportunities for responsible shops across the country, and also focusing on New England states in hopes of driving participation and resources for vaping advocacy within the region. 

For Hingham Hill, our job is first and foremost about helping to transition and maintain smokers' interest in vaping. As such, we offer appropriate blends of all flavors for both sub-ohm style as well as traditional ("mouth-to-lung") vaping. Custom orders in various configurations are always welcome to support your customers' needs.

Hingham Hill does not use coloring or additional sweeteners. We use palm-based USP vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, and premium nicotine bases.

Hingham Hill, LLC is a founding member of the Massachusetts Smoke Free Association, and has supported national organizations such as CASAA, SFATA, VISTA, and the AVA, and has been a vocal supporter of advocacy for years.

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